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20 Minute On Demand MVP Summit 
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become incredibly popular for companies looking to get more out of their data. It’s easy to see why. CDPs help companies unify their data, get a better understanding of their customers and create more personalized marketing campaigns.
Finding the right CDP for your company isn't an easy process. There are a lot to choose from, but it's not something that should be taken lightly. In this 20 minute Summit Jaina and Greg will share insights to help you easily identify the best CDP for your company.
Key points for discussion:
  • CDP Use Cases
  • ROI Considerations
  • Requirements
  • How to get started 

Jaina Baumgartner

Director of Digital Solutions , RDA

Part strategist, part architect, Jaina is a Strategy MVP with over 10 years of Sitecore experience. An active presenter at Symposium, User Groups, and webinars, Jaina connects marketing and technology to deliver personalized experiences that enhance the business value for several prominent brands.

Greg Kihlström,

Principal & Chief Strategist, GK5A

Greg Kihlström is a customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation consultant & advisor, best-selling author, and keynote speaker.


About MVP Summits

We are excited to announce our MVP Summits. This series will consist of quick 20 minute sessions hosted by Jaina Baumgartner, Director of Digital Solutions and 4x Sitecore Strategy MVP 2019-2021.

Our goal is to share tips to help you optimize your Martech investments. If you have a topic or guest speaker recommendations, reach out to us at